E-6 Colour Slide

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Colortec E-6 3-BATH from Tetenal is designed for the development of E-6 compatible colour slide/transparency films in rotary processors and hand tanks.

With the “3-Bath technology” the number of processing baths is reduced to just three (+ final Stabilizer). The reversal stage takes place during the colour development. Bleaching and fixing are performed in a combined Bleach/Fix.

These slide film chemicals come in concentrate kit form, ensuring all the developers and bleach-fix are ready to mix and dilute.
These 3 bath kits include first developer, colour developer and bleach-fix baths with intermediate washing cycles if preferred.

Processing is carried out at 38°C, allowing simple development of any standard E6 film such as Fuji Provia and Velvia, Agfa etc.

Bleach fix times in these kits have been dramatically reduced to only 6 minutes. Each concentrate part dilutes at a rate of 1+4.

The Tetenal Colortec 2.5 litre size kit will process up to 30 films and will now replace remaining stocks of the previous 1 and 5 litre versions of the same kit.

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AT102036 Colortec E6 2.5 Litre Kit £45.79 £54.95
AT102034 Tetenal Colortec E6 3 Bath Kit 5L Tetenal £74.13 £88.95

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