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Marker Gauge

An innovative twist locking gauge, scaled in inches and centimetres and suitable for both left and right handed use


Pack of four 4H pencils for marking out and suitbale for use in the marker gauge

Burnishing Bone

Made from natural bone, for settling down any raised material, embossing and card creasing

3 in 1 Bevel Cutter

For cutting bevels and V grooves in mountboard or cutouts in card
Right Handed, Left Handed

Cutter Stops

Four pairs of cutter stops, can simplify the cutting of multiple aperture mounts.


The standard 270 style blade used in many mountboard cutting systems was a blade designed for utility knives: some aspects are not ideal for cutting mountboard and windows. So Longridge has designed a blade specifically for cutting windows and mountboard with a progressively honed edge, which significantly reduces the chances of scuffing when the body of the blade passes the newly cut edge. The Longridge blade has a sharper edge than a traditional utility blade, providing cleaner cuts for longer. These blades fit all Longridge cutters and will fit any cutters designed to take the 270 size blade.
Pack of 10 or 50


SprintMat cutting protection strips, unlike that scrap of waste mountboard commonly used, have all their fibres aligned during manufacture in the direction of the cut. So what? First it is easier to make the cut, because you are not cutting across the grain of the cutting protection mat: less force, cleaner cutting. Second the aligned fibers of the SprintMat positively helps support the blade during the cutting process which makes for a cleaner more accurate window cut. And all this reduced effort extends the life of the blades.
Mini, Midi, Plus, Maxi

Vertical Cutter

For cutting mountboard or card to size

Stop set

A mount stop and one pair of cutter stops.

Set of feet for Base

Set of ten replacement self adhesive feet for the bases.


Replacement bases for all the Longridge mountbaord cutting system's.
Mini, Midi, Plus, Maxi

Guide Rails

Replacement rails for all of the Longridge mountboard cutting systems, can also be used to upgrade a Duo system to a Trio: Mini - Duo, Midi - Duo, Plus - Duo, Maxi - Duo, Midi - Trio, Plus - Trio, Maxi - Trio

Instruction DVD

The same instructional DVD that is supplied with every system with video demonstrations of cutting in detail for varieties of mount styles, V grooving and thin card. The dvd is multiregion with soundtracks in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Corner Gauge

A gauge for marking out for corner decorations very simply

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AL0203 Longridge SprintMat Midi - 20pk £24.99 £29.99
AL0204 Longridge SprintMat Plus - 20pk £29.96 £35.95
AL0205 Longridge SprintMat Maxi - 20pk £37.46 £44.95
AL02400 Marker Gauge Pencils - 4pk £3.99 £4.79
AL02500 Longridge Burnishing Bone £11.63 £13.95
AL02700 Longridge Instruction CD £8.29 £9.95
AL0300050 Longridge Blades - 50pk £17.46 £20.95
AL03600 Longridge Bevel Cutter £44.13 £52.95
AL03800 Longridge Marker Gauge £15.79 £18.95
AL03900 Longridge Vertical Cutter £32.46 £38.95

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