Nova Academy III

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The Nova Darkroom Academy III is the only Archival Washing system in the World to provide 2 slots for Hypo Clear and 10 individual slots for the washing of fibre based prints where there is a need for medium to high volume print output requirements.


  • 16 x 12 inch (40cm x 30cm) - overall dimensions L48cm x W27cm x H34cm - weight when full = 40kg
  • 20 x 16 inch (50cm x 40cm) - overall dimensions L59cm x W27cm x H46cm - weight when full = 67kg


  • Space Saving - Significantly less than tray systems or cascade washers
  • Reduced wash times up to 50% - Using Hypo Clear/Washaid in the 2 Hypo Clear slots cuts wash times by up to 50% , saving time and water
  • Archival Quality - Washes all fibre based papers to the ANSI standard of archival stability
  • Strong, smooth finish separators - Each slot separator allows the water to flow in vortex currents across both sides of the print -
  • Easy Maintenance - The separators are easy to remove for cleaning purposes and also allowing the unit to be used for film washing
  • Easy Plumbing - Nova inlet hose and connector (1.5 metre) as well as outlet hose (1 metre) are supplied as standard and mean that its not necessary to stand the unit in a sink - any flat surface near your waste outlet is satisfactory
  • Draining - The drain taps at the base allow you to completely empty the washer when not in use

Low water usage through innovative design makes the Academy an effective investment in any professional darkroom whilst its compact design ensures it will fit into even the smallest of spaces, in the knowledge that true archival permanence can be achieved.

Every washer is supplied with the required inlet and outlet hoses, Nova print clip (for suspension of smaller print sizes), Print retrieval blade for withdrawal of small prints from the washer without damage.

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ANA32016 Nova Academy III Print Washer 16x20" (40x50cm) £499.96 £599.95

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