Cullman Suction Clamp

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Part No.ANEWCS1003
Price £64.95 (inc VAT)
£54.13 (exc VAT)

This device allows the photographer to attach their camera or camcorder up to 3kg, to a smooth flat surface such as glass or marble

A versatile camcorder/camera support. A conventional 1/4 tripod thread connects to a fast adjusting ball and socket type head which has a suction cup mounting device. Simply place on to glass or any other smooth surface (car bodywork etc) and press the lever to create a very powerful vacuum mount which can stay firmly put for days on end. Another lever breaks the seal and releases the unit. Very handy, and opens up a lot of possibilities for shooting on the move or in places where a tripod just isn't practical.

(Supports up to 3kg load)

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