Nova Darkroom

Nova Darkroom Equipment began in 1983 manufacturing the 'Nova Slot Processor' which made life easy for the darkroom printer. Still made and exported around the World today, this unique design has been credited as one of the most innovative and valued products still being used in today's modern darkrooms.

Nova is now a thriving mail order business. Having expanded the range into other hardware products and chemicals, papers and accessories from all the market's existing brands, we are supplying thousands of darkroom users Worldwide with all their darkroom processing requirements.

Nova Digital

Nova Digital was created in 2001 as a sister brand when interest in the digital world of photographic inkjet printing really took off. Nova was one of the first digital suppliers selling printers and consumables by mail order and online. Now, we stock all major brand digital items for the photographic market covering printers, consumables, software and colour management tools.


PermaJet was started as a separate company in 1999 with just one very adventurous aim - to deliver a range of high quality everyday inkjet papers as well as smooth and textured Fine Art Inkjet Papers, never seen before by photographers. These products suit everyone who is serious about their photography and image printing.

PermaJet can now boast that it has the World's largest range of photographic inkjet papers and canvases, many manufactured to a unique specification.

As well as paper technology, PermaJet launched the first CIS Bulk Ink Systems in Europe in 2001 and have developed this part of the business to become one of the World leaders in this technology.

The Team...

The Imaging Warehouse, as owner of all of these brands, ensures that the sales team has a vast knowledge of all the darkroom and digital products that they sell. With experience in the printing business exceeding a total of 150 years, you can be sure of speaking to the right people making sure you get the right advice, the right product and the right price.
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