Nova Print Washers

Nova Darkroom Archival Print Washers have been manufactured since 1989 and their compact, yet effective design has revolutionised the home and commercial darkroom print washer market. Originally developed in conjunction with the technical development and testing team at Ilford Photo UK, this range of units has been proven to wash to the required ANSI standards for both RC and Fibre Based (Baryta) photographic papers.

Print washing is certainly a stage of the darkroom process which you cannot neglect and must always be done properly to avoid any future image fade or paper staining. The various Nova Washer models offer a choice which covers all the capacity and print size requirements of different darkroom printers.

The two models are:

Nova Darkroom 'Washmaster-Eco' Archival Print Washer: –
5 running water slots with an additional Hypo Clearing (Washaid) slot to reduce wash times available in 16" x 12", 20" x 16" sizes and a NEW 24" x 20" model for 2019.
The ideal unit for anyone washing on demand or in low to medium print volumes.

Nova 'Academy' Archival Print Washer: –
10 running water slots with an additional two Hypo Clearing (Washaid) slots to reduce wash times available in 16" x 12" & 20" x 16" sizes.

Perfect for anyone washing higher print volumes or in larger batches.

All units are supplied with the required plumbing inlet (1.5 metre with tap connector) and outlet (1 metre) pipes to make setup even easier. Your new print washer will be active within minutes once unpacked.