Nova Film Processors

Nova Darkroom Film Processors have been manufactured since 1995 and their compact, yet effective design has revolutionised the home and commercial darkroom processing market. Whether you do Black & White or Colour (or both), these units offer unrivalled temperature controlled accuracy with the Nova Powerstat variable heating system guaranteeing repeatable film processing results every time.

All units incorporate the ever-reliable Paterson Multi-Reel Film Tank Systems (for 35mm and 120 roll sizes) and an optional 'MOD 54' Sheet Film Holder (for 5" x 4"). Removable graduated bottles containing your chemicals are stored in the processor and heated as required in order to be poured into your Paterson Tank.
Each unit can accommodate the following formats and maximum quantities:

FP 2/1 Daylight Processor – can process 2 rolls of 35mm or 1 roll of 120 film
FP 3/2 Daylight Processor – can process 3 rolls of 35mm or 2 rolls of 120 film
FP 5/3 Daylight Processor – can process 5 rolls of 35mm or 3 rolls of 120 film
FP 5"x4" Daylight Processor – can process 6 sheets of 5 x 4" film or 3 x 35mm or 2 x 120 rolls

Make your film processing more pleasurable by using these ever-ready units and ensuring you get the best capacity and economy out of the chemicals without compromising on quality of the final results.