CIS Ink Systems

As more of us are printing our own images, a CIS (Continuous Ink System) becomes extremely interesting.

The PermaJet Eco-Flo CIS systems are a far more cost effective means of printing than any cartridge irrespective of your print output volume.

Great savings of 80% and more are possible with the unique Eco-Flo InkFlow System. Direct injectors are used instead of modified cartridges so there is little, if any, head cleaning required. Unlike many other systems, the Eco-Flo can be left for prolonged periods without use by utilising the special tube clamps, in turn meaning that ink cannot move or draw in air into the print head over that time - a common problem with the cheaper far eastern units used by all other UK suppliers!
So, reduced head cleaning with the Eco-Flo means reduced costs!!

The average cost of the ink required to print a full colour A4 image at 1440dpi on an Epson R2880 using the PermaJet Eco-Flo can be reduced to as much as only 20 pence per print (approx). With the current original manufacturers' cartridges containing only around 10 - 12ml of ink, that equates to a saving of up to 80 pence per A4 print.
The facts are plain to see why our Eco-Flo system is so popular.....!!

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