Colour Management

We can provide various services and products to maximise the quality of your printing workflow. From colour managment hardware such as monitor calibration devices right through to our personal Custom ICC profiling service - it's all here.

Why do I need Colour Management?

It's the big question with a simple answer! Without implementing any kind of Colour Management into your digital printing procedure, you will waste time, paper, inks and most importantly of all... money!!

PermaJet is committed to providing the very best devices on the market designed to meet the needs of all photographers and printers alike.

Monitor Calibration

'Stage one' on the road to colour management is to obtain a monitor calibration device. Without it, how do you know that what you see on your screen is actually a colour correct rendition of the image from the camera or scanner? If it isn't, you will be incorrectly colour adjusting in your image software which will in turn affect your print output and basically mean it will come out wrong! Believe it or not, but your monitor should be calibrated once a month!

ICC Printer Profiling

'Stage two' to complete the calibration of your printing workflow is to use ICC profiles. These profiles are basically a set of instructions sent from your image manipulation software to your printer telling it what ink mixtures and densities to deposit on the paper surface in order to create a colour correct replica of the image you see on your screen. There are generic profiles which are a set of ready-made downloadable ICC profiles which are a great help to get 90% colour correct, however, the only way to get 100% accuracy is to obtain Custom-made Profiles which are totally FREE directly from PermaJet...log in to your account in order to gain full access to the ICC Profiles download section or simply click the ICC PROFILING SERVICES tab below to understand more about the custom ICC Profiling procedure and other options available to you.