Nova Print Processors

Nova Darkroom Print (Slot) Processors have been manufactured for 41 years since 1983 and have become an iconic British-made product and sold throughout the World's darkroom marketplace.

The compact and ingenious vertical slot design, in conjunction with the patented Nova Print Agitation Clip, has revolutionised the home and commercial darkroom processing market. Whether you do Black & White or Colour (or both), these units are designed with chemical economy and minimal setup time in mind - total convenience guaranteeing repeatable print processing results every time.

All the Nova Trimate and Nova FB Processor units incorporate the extremely accurate and reliable Nova Powerstat Variable Heater Control system ensuring unrivalled temperature controlled accuracy and flexibility to process colour or monochrome papers within just a few minutes of removing the dust-preventing slot lids.
And...if your interests only lie with printing monochrome images then we have our non-heated Nova Monochrome Print Processor which has all the space-saving features of its heated cousins but without the temperature control - no messy trays or setup time required!

Nova Trimate Print Processor – 3 slot heated unit for Colour and Black & White negative printing processes with RC papers
Nova FB Print Processor – 4 slot heated unit for Black & White negative printing processes with Fibre Base (Baryta) or RC papers
Nova Monochrome Print Processor – 3 slot non-heated unit designed for Black & White negative printing processes with RC papers

Make your print processing in the darkroom more pleasurable, economical, space-saving and time-saving by using one of these popular print processors. No other system offers the same capacity and economy out of the chemicals.

Our range of Nova Print Processors has been going through the process of being restyled and redesigned with new materials to bring this iconic British product range to a new audience of creative analogue workers. However, due to the global pandemic and extremely volatile global price changes, we regret that we have experienced delays of our intended relaunch date which affected resources and component shortages to assist our testing and development. The great news now is that our planned launch date is scheduled to take place during 2024 coinciding with the release of our brand new and exciting Nova Darkroom website which will be showcasing many new products and materials.
Please CLICK HERE to send us an email and register your interest in our products and we will contact you to let you know as soon as they are available.