Inkjet Photo Printers

The photographic industry is dominated by two major manufacturers of true photo printers and photo scanners. Epson & Canon offer a wide choice of very high quality devices which will not disappoint in any aspect of image scanning or printing.

To be classified a true photo printers, the unit needs to use 6 or more ink colours in order to produce the full colour spectrum of your image. Some of these printers now actually have 12 colours so imaging the quality!! These printers are able to print on heavyweight papers up to 450gsm, some with special rear feeding trays for this purpose and as an added bonus, some of the Epson models can feed roll media.

In order to make your life easier, we have selected all the most popular photo models on the market today.

For the high resolution scanning of images and films, the Epson flatbed photo models offer unsurpassed sharp quality and features which make them hard to beat.