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The Nova Darkroom Blackout kits are the easy way to blackout your room ready for developing, printing, projection, scientific requirements or even for theatres as light-tight curtains. These sheets of carbon-enriched 100% blackout material are formulated from a cotton/nylon combination and have high flame retardency properties.

Simply choose the kit size that suits your needs and if required, cut the sheet to the size and shape required with a standard pair of scissors or sharp craft knife. You can then attach the self-adhesive fastener to your window frame or door and the material and the blackout blind is ready to use. The material is even flexible enough to be rolled up like a roller blind and clipped neatly out of the way when not in use.

Each of the three different sized kits are supplied with sufficient industrial quality self-adhesive hook & loop fastener to go completely around the outer perimeter. Alternatively, you can buy the blackout material by the linear metre as a continuous length off the roll (width 142cm) so that you can cover much larger areas. In that case, you can select exactly how much hook and loop you require separately and pieces can even be joined together by overlapping the material.

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ADB1 Darkroom Blind Kit 1.42m x 1.00m £41.66 £49.99
ADB2 Darkroom Blind Kit 1.42m x 1.75m £58.29 £69.95
ADB3 Darkroom Blind Kit 1.42m x 2.50m £74.96 £89.95
ADB4 Darkroom Blackout 142cm x Linear metre £22.46 £26.95
AHOOK Hook & Loop per metre £3.29 £3.95

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