Photo R2880

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PrinterEpson R2880
Product TypeInk Cartridges
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The very latest Epson Stylus Photo R2880 A3+ photo printer produces excellent results on any media. With the fantastic UltraChrome K3 pigment ink technology which includes the new Vivid Magenta and Vivid Light Magenta, it delivers a wider colour gamut, natural skin tones and consistent tonal control across your image. The revolutionary Advanced Black and White mode of the printer driver now ensures that photo enthusiasts and professionals are capable of producing true Monochrome images!

With 8 colour inks (plus an optional/interchangeable ninth Matte Black), you can buy all your Epson Photo R2880 original cartridges here.

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EP.T0961SET T0961/2/3/4/5/6/7/9 Original EPSON Photo Black MultiPack All 8 (excludes MK) £79.13 £94.96
EP.T0962SET T0962/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 Original EPSON Matte Black MultiPack All 8 (excludes PK) £79.13 £94.96
EPS000005260 EP.T0961 Epson Photo Black - C13T09614010 - R2880 Photo Black £10.33 £12.40
EPS000005265 EP.T0967 Epson Light Black - C13T09674010 - R2880 Light Black £10.33 £12.40
EPS000005270 EP.T0968 Epson Matte Black - C13T09684010 - R2880 Matte Black £10.33 £12.40
EPS000005275 EP.T0969 Epson Lght Lght Black - C13T09694010 - R2880 Light Light Black £10.33 £12.40
EPS000005280 EP.T0962 Epson Cyan - C13T09624010 - R2880 Cyan £10.33 £12.40
EPS000005285 EP.T0963 Epson Vivid Magenta - C13T09634010 - R2880 Vivid Magenta £10.33 £12.40
EPS000005290 EP.T0964 Epson Yellow - C13T09644010 - R2880 Yellow £10.33 £12.40
EPS000005295 EP.T0965 Epson Light Cyan - C13T09654010 - R2880 Light Cyan £10.33 £12.40
EPS000005300 EP.T0966 Epson Vivid Lt Magent - C13T09664010 - R2880 Vivid Light Magenta £10.33 £12.40

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