Nova Darkroom Tent

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The Nova Darkroom Tent is specifically designed for anyone who needs a temporary or semi-permanent darkroom "This product is one we have personally set up and used at exhibitions all around the World"

  • This portable darkroom can be set up with the minimum of fuss in any convenient location.
  • Lightweight aluminium external support frame
  • Ample for two people + enlarger and processor
  • Blower fan inflates tent and provides ventilation
  • Full flap light tight zippered door with Velcro flap
  • Roll down flap to cover the side window allowing daylight in for setting up or viewing images.
  • Totally safe for film and print processing
  • Dimensions 48" x 48" x 88" high (125x125x225cm)
  • An Optional sturdy equipment table - 80x60x69cm is available & recommended
  • Complete with Darkroom Tent, Support Frame and Blower/Extractor fan (240 Volt, 45 Watt, 50 Hz)

A UK 3 Plug is fitted as standard but mainland Europe users can purchase the optional European 2 Pin Plug adaptor. For users in the US, Canada & Japan, there is no need to purchase any special plug but you will need to go to the following link regarding voltage invertors which would allow you to use the unit on a 110volts electrical system - make sure you select an inverter which exceeds the wattage requirements of this product:

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ATENT Inflatable Darkroom Tent £524.96 £629.95
APLUG1 Euro 2 Pin Plug - UK to Schucko £2.08 £2.50
ATENTFAN Spare NovaTent Fan £58.29 £69.95
ATABLE Equipment Table 80x60x69cm £53.29 £63.95

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