Nova Washmaster-ECO

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The Nova Darkroom Washmaster-ECO fine art archival print washer provides all the requirements for efficient and effective fibre base (baryta) & resin coated paper washing in any size of darkroom:

Constructed of robust high grade acrylic, it has five independent running water wash slots PLUS a special single static washaid slot which can serve 3 different purposes dependent upon your needs...

  • Wash Aid Slot - Its main purpose is to accommodate Wash Aid in its space-saving vertical construction and in turn, significantly reduce wash time by around 50%
  • Rapid Pre-Wash Slot - it can also be converted to run as an isolated rapid pre-wash slot using the Washmaster-ECO Conversion Kit (this is an optional choice item if you do not want to use washaid)
  • 6th Additional Washing Slot (optional) - again, the washaid section can also be converted to become another running water washing slot with the purchase of our Washmaster-ECO Conversion Kit (this is an optional choice item if you do not want to use washaid)

    The five main washing slot sections of the unit have the benefits of...
  • Rapid Fixer Removal - The first 5 minutes of washing are always the Golden Minutes - more fixer is removed per second at this point than at any other time
  • Stop and Soak Total Water Dumping facility - by raising the uniquely designed daggar blade you can empty 90% of water volume within just 1 minute ensuring fast removal of fixer rich water - it also allows users to make use of the popular soak and dump wash method
  • Independent Slots - Heavyweight textured inner divider panels are set into the base to ensure each slot maintains a high degree of isolation and prevention of print adhesion
  • Unique Inlet Manifold Design -There is also a new pressurised inlet design further enhancing the Jet-Flow vortex agitation system synonymous with all Nova Darkroom Print Washers
  • Environmentally friendly - Washmaster-ECO has the ability to store and wash up to 6 full size prints to the ANSI archival standard using less water than any other washer in the World
  • NOVA'S 40 years experience at the cutting edge of Print Washer manufacturing - the reason most professionals prefer to wash their prints with an environmentally friendly washer from NOVA DARKROOM
    • ANWE1612 - 16 x 12 inch (40.6cm x 30.5cm) maximum washable print size
      Unit dimensions (including drain taps) : 62cm (length) x 16cm (width) x 37cm (height)
    • ANWE2016 - 20 x 16 inch (50.8cm x 40.6cm) maximum washable print size
      Unit dimensions (including drain taps) : 73cm (length) x 16cm (width) x 45cm (height)
    • ANWE2420 - 24 x 20 inch (61cm x 50.8cm) maximum washable print size
      Unit dimensions (including drain taps) : 84cm (length) x 16cm (width) x 60cm (height)

      All Nova Print Washers are delivered complete with water inlet hose (1.5m long x 13mm diameter re-inforced garden type hose and click-on tap/faucet connector) and ribbed outlet hose (1m long x 20mm diameter push-on fit), Print retrieval blade (for smaller prints), Nova Print Agitation Clip (for suspension of smaller prints) and a full 12 month guarantee with full operating instructions.
      Attaching the inlet hose to some household taps may require the purchase of additional fittings or adapters from your local hardware store (not included).

      The ANWE2420 can only be shipped on a pallet to all destinations as it is oversize and overweight for most carriers and requires special packing but all our print washers can be shipped all over the World no matter where you are.
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ANWE1612 Nova Washmaster-ECO 16" x 12" (40cmx30cm - 5 Wash + 1 Washaid Slot) £299.96 £359.95
ANWE2016 Nova Washmaster-ECO 20" x 16" (50cmx40cm - 5 Wash + 1 Washaid Slot) £358.29 £429.95
ANWE2420 Nova Washmaster-ECO 24" x 20" (60cmx50cm - 5 Wash + 1 Washaid Slot) £624.96 £749.95
ANWEAIK Washmaster-ECO Conversion/Upgrade Kit £18.29 £21.95

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