Novatronic Heater

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The Novatronic heater/stats are ingenious and specially designed for darkroom usage - a fully submersible, 150W heating element with thermostatic control capable of warming around 3 gallons/15 litres of liquids to your required temperature.

The unit is perfect to cover all your darkroom chemical heating requirements working across a heating range of 0°C to 42°C for all Black and White and Colour film and print processes

Once set up in your own environment, the unit is fully adjustable and highly accurate with a temperature stability within 0.25°C. Two suction pads are supplied so that it can be attached to the container in which it is sited.
Their compact construction measuring just 1" diameter x 11" long (25mm x 279mm) enable them to be attached to many different types of waterbaths and tanks with the minimum amount of fuss. It requires a 230volts power supply - with a maximum operating power consumption of 150watts.

EUROPEAN & WORLD Customers (excluding USA and Canada) - A UK 3 Plug is fitted as standard to all our equipment but an optional European 2 Pin Plug adaptor can be purchased to assist you to connect to your electrical supply.
USA & CANADA Customers - Unfortunately,  this product is unsuitable for use in the USA & Canada owing to highly sensitive electronic microchip controls which require a 230 volts 50Hz electrical supply. Although a step up transformer can be used to create 230volts from 110volts, the standard frequency of 60Hz also has to be converted to 50Hz in order for the unit to work. You can use a frequency converter but they tend to be expensive.

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ANIC Novatronic Heater/Stat 150W (full range 20°C to 42°C) £40.79 £48.95
APLUG1 Euro 2 Pin Plug - UK to Schucko £2.08 £2.50

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