PermaPROtect Varnish

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Product TypeProtective Coatings
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PermaJet has introduced a range of high performance, professional, fast drying canvas protective varnishes - available in Gloss, Satin and Matt finishes using a unique water-based polymer formulation.

The varnishes have been specifically designed for all inkjet canvases, particularly PermaJet's own brand, guaranteeing a clear, water-resistant and non-yellowing protective coating.

All canvas users are strongly recommended to protect their final digital canvas prints with a varnish or coating – absolutely essential for preserving the image from dirt, UV ink fading, airborne pollutants and abrasion as well as those annoying fingerprint marks!

PermaPROtect varnishes are supplied in a ready-to-use form, so no dilution is required and can be applied with our custom foam roller kit (sold separately) to ensure that you get the very best results. The varnishes can be diluted, if required, by adding upto 20% water. This will possibly extend drying time slightly but does give the product perfect consistency to be used in paint spray guns for larger canvas coverage.

The formulation improves the lightfastness of all your digital canvas prints but, in addition, adds saturation, improved colour gamut and increases the density of the blacks.
PermaJet has taken steps to ensure that the range of PermaPROtect varnishes meets the necessary protection standards by having them independently tested and approved by a notable test laboratory in the UK – this confirmed that there is no discolouration or change over 85 years when exposed to UV light conditions. Certifications of these can be viewed by clicking the technical tab above. 

The varnishes will additionally prevent canvas edge-cracking when folded and to protect against any other environmental pollutants. Out of the can, the varnish is milky white in colour but will dry to a crystal clear finish after roller application in less than just 20 minutes. Also suitable for use with fine art inkjet paper surfaces giving them a greater degree of water and fade resistance (always do a sample area test first).

Each PermaPROtect 1 litre can (undiluted) has an unbeatable yield of at least 16 square metres of canvas based on a one coat application. Further dilution can increase this (subject to application method and thickness of coating applied).

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APJ29009 PermaPROtect Varnish GLO 250ml £11.24 £13.49
APJ29012 PermaPROtect 1000ML - GLOSS £30.83 £37.00
APJ29013 PermaPROtect 2000ML - GLOSS £54.58 £65.50
APJ29025 PermaPROtect 10 LTR - GLOSS £238.33 £286.00
APJ29014 PermaPROtect Varnish SAT 250ml £11.24 £13.49
APJ29017 PermaPROtect 1000ML - SATIN £30.83 £37.00
APJ29018 PermaPROtect 2000ML - SATIN £54.58 £65.50
APJ29026 PermaPROtect 10 LTR - SATIN £238.33 £286.00
APJ29019 PermaPROtect Varnish MAT 250ml £11.24 £13.49
APJ29022 PermaPROtect 1000ML - MATT £30.83 £37.00
APJ29023 PermaPROtect 2000ML - MATT £54.58 £65.50
APJ29027 PermaPROtect 10 LTR - MATT £238.33 £286.00
APJ29040 Roller, Foam & Tray Kit (150mm - 6" width) £8.74 £10.49
APJ29041 Foam Roller Replacements 5 Pk (150mm - 6" width) £11.24 £13.49

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