PermaKLEAN Printer Kit

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How often do you clean or maintain your inkjet printer? It's a really important task that many people overlook although it's in the instructions with the printer from new!

This completely unique kit includes everything you need to keep your inkjet printer(s) clean and in good working order meaning less potential problems and longer printer life...

Incorrect or no printer maintenance will frequently lead to any of the following...

Poor paper pickup and feeding, excess ink deposits, loose fibres and dust clogging inside, random ink blobbing and smearing or simply ink stains on the printer casing.

What does the kit comprise of...?

1 x 400ml ReTac Can (to create your own cleaning sheet)

50 x A4 Cleaning Sheets (Can be re-used serveral times)

1 x Pair of Latex Gloves (keep your hands clean)

1 x Cleaning Fluid 60ml Concentrate (for removing ink stains and internal cleaning)

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