ICC Profiling Services

If you do digital inkjet printing, whether you use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture or QImage, the very basic requirements are to at least use a generic profile...or better still, a 100% accurate custom profile.

ICC Profiles ensure colour accuracy when sending image data from your software application to the printer. Without profiles, you are in a world of total guesswork as to what results you will achieve.

The Difference...

GENERIC ICC PROFILE - an ICC Profile which has been created on a third party's printer (not your own but the same model) and then offered for your use. Although not guaranteed for 100% accuracy, they are usually better than using no profile at all.
PermaJet offers a wide range of generic profiles for most true seven colour or more 'photo' printer models using Original (OEM) Inks or PermaJet's own Eco-Flo ink sets for this reason: To access the Generic ICC Profiles downloads page, please CLICK HERE. You may be required to log in.

PermaJet ICC Profiling Document 2016

CUSTOM ICC PROFILE - an ICC Profile specifically created for your own printer and is derived from your output of some target patches that you print with all colour management disabled. These patches will have been sent to the profiling company to scan with a spectrophotometer and e-mailed to you to install on your computer system. This method is 100% accurate!

PermaJet highly recommend the use of their custom profiling service. In order to enjoy the full benefits of using the PermaJet range of inkjet papers and inks, using the profiling service will mean that the profile is specifically calibrated for your paper, printer and ink combination.

Custom ICC Profiles can be made for any combination of Printer/Ink/Paper and are totally FREE as long as you use PERMAJET PAPERS. Select the 'Custom Profiling Service' tab below. If you are using any non-PermaJet papers, we will still create 100% accurate custom profile for you but there would be a small charge for this service by way of voucher purchases - select the 'Profiling Circle' tab below for more information.