Black Magic Variable

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Part No.ARBM33
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Rollei Black Magic RBM33 is a neutral tone chloro-bromide variable contrast liquid emulsion for use with multigrade filters.

Rollei Black Magic offers users a modular liquid emulsion system suitable for coating on a variety of surfaces.

RBM23 Grade 3 Emulsion is a fixed hard contrast bromide emulsion with cool black image tone.

RBM33 VC Emulsion is a variable contrast chloro-bromide emulsion with neutral tone, suitable for use with Multigrade filters.

RBM54 Additive is a special optional hardener which can be added to the developer to provide maximum protection to the emulsion both during and after processing.

RBM41 Gelatin is an optional photo gelatin base which is recommended for use on porous materials such as paper, wood or fabric.

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