FP 5/3 Film Processor

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Part No.ANFP-D53
Price £324.95 (inc VAT)
£270.79 (exc VAT)

The film processing system is designed around a series of Paterson Developing tanks, that enable you to select the quantity of films you require to process at any one time

This model can process BW, C-41, E6 roll films - 5 x 35mm or 3 x 120 film at a time.

  • The film is loaded onto a spiral, and then into the selected developing tank - a changing bag makes this part of the process very easy.
  • Once the film is in the tank, the rest of the process can be carried out in daylight
  • The chemicals are stored in 3 x 2 litre graduated bottles. These bottles have been specially selected, as each of them has a secure air-tight double closure system. These hold all the chemistry you require, for most processing functions
  • Fully temperature controlled from room temperature up to 45°C - accuracy +/-0.25°C
  • Processing agitation is usually by manual inversion, or the supplied agitation twiddle-stick - whichever is preferred
  • The system can be cleverly converted into processing 5" x 4" film with the additional purchase of the MOD 54 Sheet Film Holder and a Paterson Multireel 3 Tank (both optional items must be purchased separately). This simply fits into the same cutout hole used by the usual Paterson roll film tank.
  • The whole system is supplied complete with 3 x 2 litre graduated storage bottles, Paterson MultiReel 5 Film Tank and the Powerstat Variable Heater/Temperature Controller. (Auto spools/reels are NOT included)
  • DIMENSIONS - L49xW15xH18cm
  • Power consumption is 200 watts on a 230volts supply

EUROPEAN & WORLD Customers (excluding USA and Canada) - A UK 3 Plug is fitted as standard to all our equipment but an optional European 2 Pin Plug adaptor can be purchased to assist you to connect to your electrical supply.
USA & CANADA Customers - Unfortunately,  this product is unsuitable for use in the USA & Canada owing to highly sensitive electronic microchip controls which require a 230 volts 50Hz electrical supply. Although a step up transformer can be used to create 230volts from 110volts, the standard frequency of 60Hz also has to be converted to 50Hz in order for the unit to work. You can use a frequency converter but they tend to be expensive.

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