Washmaster-Eco 20"x16"

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THE NOVA WASHMASTER-ECO Archival Washer provides all the requirements for efficient and effective fibre paper washing. It now incorporates an independent single slot which can serve three different purposes dependent upon your needs. Its main purpose is to accommodate Wash Aid in its space-saving vertical construction and in turn, significantly reduce wash time. This slot can be converted to run as an isolated rapid Pre-Wash Slot or as the third option - a 6th washing slot! Fitted with independent flow control you may run the pre-wash at a different rate to that of your main washer section adding greater flexibility. Remember that the first 5 minutes of washing are always the "Golden Minutes" - more fixer is removed per second at this point than at any other time.

Of course, we have included heavy weight 4.5mm textured inner divider panels to prevent print adhesion, which are set into the base to ensure each slot maintains a high degree of isolation. There is also a new pressurised inlet design further enhancing our "Jet-Flow" vortex agitation system synonymous with all Nova washers.

Washmaster-Eco has the ability to store and wash up to 6 printsto archival standards using less water than any other washer in the World. This, together with twenty years of experience at the cutting edge of Washer manufacturing, is the reason most professionals prefer to wash their prints with an environmentally friendly washer from NOVA.

Maximum Print Size 20" x 16" (50x40cm), 6 prints.

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